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The Rockford Ringers Horseshoe Club held their annual Awards night on Tuesday August 24.  There were 36 in attendance for the Pot Luck supper.  A  short meeting was held followed by the presentations of trophies, medallions, and N.H.P.A. (National Horseshoe Pitchers Association)  patches.  Rockford Ringers Club President , Ron Fadden, presented the individual awards for both league nights.  There were 19 pitchers each night of league.

Tuesday’s Top 4 League Trophy winners were:

  1. Gordy Bonn of Hanover
  2. Steve Lilly of Corcoran
  3. Lowell Johnson of Buffalo
  4. Len Anderson of Rockford

Tuesdays Club Only Tournament Champion Class Patch winners were:

Class A Marlys Timm of Loretto

Class B Ron Fadden of Waverly

Class C Zack Holm of Elk River

Tuesday’s Patches:

High Average : Marlys Timm (45.75%)  Len Anderson (36.64%)

High Game :  Marlys Timm (62.5%)  Len Anderson  (55 %)

High Game over average: Ron Fadden (+22.37%) Robyn Holland (+17.97%)

Most Improved : Steve Lilly (+11.31%) Robyn Holland (+4.53%)

Junior pitchers Kyle Holland(9), Kayla Holland(12), and Lauryn Bacon(11) each earned a Rookie of the Year patch as well as a Class Champion patch and Junior participant medallions.

Kay Littell and Mike DeMars were voted  as the Sportsmanship recipients for 2010 by their fellow pitchers.

Game % patches earned:

40% Lowell Johnson

30% Kay Littell

30% Robyn Holland

20% Zack Holm

10% Kyle Holland

10% Kayla Holland

10% Lauryn Bacon


Wednesday’s Top 4 League Trophy winners were:

  1. Dave Borscheid of Buffalo
  2. Bill Marquette of Buffalo
  3. Ron Fadden of Waverly
  4. Steve Simonson of Rockford

Wednesdays Club Only Tournament Champion Class Patch winners were:

Class A Ron Fadden of Waverly

Class B Jeff Thieman of Delano

Class C Bruce Kremer of Rockford

Wednesday’s Patches:

High Average: Bill Marquette (51.50%) Debi Pool (14.69%)

High Game: Bill Marquette (67.50%) Sherry Boucher (30%)

High Game over average: Dave Borscheid (+23%) Sherry Boucher (+18.84%)

Most Improved: Todd Skeide (+3.13%) Debi Pool (+4.06%)

Rookie of the Year: Bill Marquette, Sherry Boucher

Sportsmanship Award winners: Jeff Thieman, Debi Pool

Game % patches earned:

60% Dave Borscheid

60% Bill Marquette

30% Bruce Kremer

30% Sherry Boucher

20% Steve Simonson

10% Kevin Lovig

10% Nick Tieri

10% Chris Zwart

10% Joe Steffl

All first year sanctioned club members received an N.H.P.A. sanctioned  league member patch.  For more information on our club please go to our web site www.rockfordringershorseshoes.com

Our Club bought, planted and donated this tree to our park in Rockford fall of 2010